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Cosmos to You: Be the Big Magic

Family Moments with loved ones. The time to begin anew — with your heart, mind, and the power of your love, — deeply and fully aligned with the Mystery.

You just have to connect to the living Earth beneath your feet, and the living Cosmos above your crown — and open to the grace that is streaming over you and through you, in every second, with every breath. Just receive the Mystery that made you. Let your heart and your mind, your wounds and your grace, be the place where it can enter your life, and our world, more fully than ever before.

Trans-Neptunian Astrology: () Teharonhiawako, astrology and time computation

Cosmos to You: Be the Big Magic. Big Magic The big magic of this Pisces Season is unfolding today. Instead of shutting down to the pain of our lives and our world, Chiron asks us to lean deeper than ever before into the mystery that made you. After this shower of grace, Venus returns to the visible sky as dusk falls. The ancients regarded Venus as the Queen of both Heaven and Earth, at the pinnacle of her wisdom and power, when in her Evening Star phase.

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If Teharonhiawako is a farmer, that implies that there has to be knowledge of the seasons and the right time to sow, harvesting and rest of harvest procedures. There is some equivalent between Teharonhiawako and Oxomoco, the goddess of astrology and the calendar in Aztec mythology. The main theme with Teharonhiawako is time computation, like transits or progressions in astrology, artificial satellite space operations, timetables, and everything related with time operations, especially when a work or some operation has to be finished before a determined time or date, like in the movies "Back to the Future" , "Spy Game" , Eight Below" , "Vertical Limit" , "Mission Impossible 2" and "Joseph: King of Dreams" Publicado por Amable en Etiquetas: Teharonhiawako , classical Kuiper belt object , mythology , transneptunian object.