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Coz chances of love marriage seem pretty low on my end -. Is there any paricular aspect which tells it? I mean i m curios to kbow whether i will have love or arrange marriage? Please guidr me through.

Thanks for thr time. Do appreciate all the help again. Hi: Subloard of 7th cusp is Rahu. Love marriage is indicated since 7CSL signifies 5H. For timing of the marriage, I have calculated significators of 2, 7, I have not done transit calculation to pin point the date as it is long calculation.

I experience with KP has been fantastic. I find it more scientific, and practical. I covers, natal , horary and numerology as well to some extent.

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Hi, I just picked case study for girl who has been already married. Mahesh, If you wanna help me over in getting to her date of marriage which is already in past would be appreciated? Hi mahesh, the period this lady got married in not among signifactors of 2, 7 or I am confused please help. Does it work now? Hi mahesh, This lady got married in nov which is period of sun-saturn-mercury. Can you put some light"?

Therefore not an intercast but spouse is much older to the native. Also Sa as the 7csl signifying 5h is in a movable sign showing failure in love not necessarily leading to marriage. Also if you notice csl of 5H is Me, which indicates possibility of more than one love affair but it neither signifies 11 or 7 means not really successful in love affairs. I have not checked the other chart. But you can dasa and bhukti of same planet if the same plant appears twice in ruling planets and is not in star or sub of a retrograde planet. Transit is complex. In KP you use transit of Sun to calculate a date when the event is supposed to happen during a period of a year.

Transit of moon if it is likely to happen during a period of a month. Transit of ascendan if the event is likely to happen in a day. Aspects allo make planets as weak significators.

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How are you learning KP, self initiative using books or is there someone guiding you? Not going all that great. I usually go pick up articles from internet.


I was thinking about picking few books but again lets see In btw can you tell me? Is everything destined in life? Is you marr partner fix for a lifetime? Well I can just answer your profound questions on the basis of what I believe in.

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Not sure if it is right or wrong. I believe we are all bound by destiny but there is some leeway given to us in terms of freewill. Like a cow tied, can move around freewill while being tied but can never be free Destiny. To some extent on the basis of our karma Freewill we can reduce the malefic aspects but cannot completely change the destiny. This is my belief. Same for Mercury, posited in 3rd house, owns 1st and 5th and is in its own star. Mercury signifies 2nd, 8th and 11th cusps as per its positional status.

Finally, Venus is posited in 2nd and is lord of 4th and 12th house.

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Venus is in Sun star, which is posited in 2nd and owns 4th house. Moon clearly reflects the relevant houses so we can proceed to the analysis of those and find their significators. Rahu is lord of no constellation but Sun is, Mars and Venus are in Sun star lord and are considered as the strongest significators of the 2nd house.

Lord of 2nd house is Moon, posited as the star lord of Ketu. Lord of 3rd house is also Moon, posited as the star lord of Ketu. So Mercury, Moon and Ketu are significators by order of strength. Mars and Venus are in Sun star lord and are considered as the strongest significators of the 4th house. So Mars, Venus and Sun are significators by order of strength.

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It is governed by Jupiter and is in its own star lord which means that only Jupiter is the only strongest significator of the house. Since the joint significators planets are more than four, hence we take Ruling Planets, in order of its importance to find out the fruitful common significators. We can easily remove Sun and Moon as they are in a star of a retrograde planet and will not participate in the fructification of the event. Same for Ketu which is in the sub of the retrograde planet, Mars and also acts as an agent for it.

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The first three planets correspond to the Dasa combination of the delivery, from the 3rd to the 13th of August. In the chart, Ascendant is positioned in a common zodiac sign, hence the event can only fructify when Moon will transit the second ruling point corresponding to the applicable quadrant, i. The book can only be delivered after A. As I was not at home on that day, I checked my letterbox the next and saw the package.

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