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Cancer and Leo rising always have trust issues with partners because Saturn owns the 7 th house of Capricorn and Aquarius. The following analysis is for rising signs but may overlap with Sun signs or Moon signs also. For Libra rising and Aries owning the 7 th house, Libra inherently attract fighters and conflict despite their peace loving nature because Mars owns two marakas, the 2nd and the 7th, Scorpio and Aries. They may attract useful partners with lots of energy but they may be selfish or controlling with Mars afflicted getting caught in ego and not wanting to do things together.

Aries partners will be restless and marriage could become a war zone. Aries rising can be too possessive and controlling and will attract pretty partners who may need a lot of independence. Venus is a maraka for Aries owning both the 2nd and 7th house so afflictions to Venus can cause longevity and illness.

The marriage could be passionate if both partners can allow independence and not get caught up in jealousy and attachment. For Scorpio rising if Venus is strong, it could lead to lasting marriage as Taurus is a fixed sign.

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If Venus is connected to the 5th, 7th or 12th or 3rd house will be very strongly sexed. Relationships can lead to expenditures from spouses with Venus owning the 12th. Venus ruling the 7th and 12th will lead to attraction of a very sensuous and sexual woman. The fact that Taurus owns the 7 th house means that the Scorpio individual will naturally attract a woman more attracted to material wealth and this may be in conflict with his deeply spiritual energy which is connected to Ketu.

For Taurus rising, there is a lot of strong and sexual energy here with Mars owning the 7th and 12th houses. If there are no other outlets for the relationships and it is too solely based on sexual energy it may die when boredom if the sexual attraction wanes. Dual sign have a tendency to get involved in multiple marriages so Geminis, Virgos, Sagittarius and Pisces may have this tendency. Sagittarius rising may attract partners who are too interested in their career because Mercury owns the 7th and 10th houses.

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Because Gemini is a rather fickle and deceptive sign and a bit over-sexed, their partners may have a very passionate nature. Sagittarius is very ethical and moral and religious and at odds with Gemini sensual nature and one partner may want to block the others spiritual growth. Capricorns cannot handle the fluctuating changing emotions of the moon when they are used to stability and conservative and steady motion. Capricorns are too practical to deal with the mysterious and sensitive and emotional moon. This becomes a tough one to integrate and there is a need to accept the emotional changing nature of your spouse.

Cancers have difficult adapting to the rigid energies of Capricorn and their intense work ethics. Because Saturn owns the 7 th house they tend to attract foreign partners who are hard-working and who may not want to be home much.

Cancer Ascendant, rising sign or Karka Lagna

Because Saturn is the owner of the 7 th house, there is a natural issue with fear and distrust in relationships and honesty and openness is important for Cancer rising. This one is difficult as both personalities are very strong.

Leos like to do it their own way and have dominant personalities. And you're very nurturing toward friends and family when you feel safe. You have a silly sense of humor and are able to read people and know what's really going on. This gives you the ability to intuit when to speak or act and exactly what to say. When you are tuned into your sixth sense, you're a master of timing. Your water sign emotional intelligence makes you the kind of communicator who makes a deep impact. When you're at your best, you know how to reach the hearts of others.

Your imaginative gifts may be applied in the arts, or you may enter one of the healing professions.

Cancer and the Holistic Zodiac

You're a leader who wins respect in a quiet way. If you've suffered and lost trust in people, you can be defensive to the extreme. By nature, you deal with strong moods that change constantly. You often lose perspective when you're consumed by your own powerful feelings. With Cancer rising, you're especially vulnerable to intoxicating addictions, whether people or substances. You might find it hard not to drown your sorrows, or to lubricate your social persona with libations.

But that can add to a state of depression and make it harder to come out of it.

What is Ascendant?

You can be over-the-top and effusive in your reactions. But that vivid response to life is what also makes you so endearing.

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At times, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you may need to do some work to establish healthy boundaries. You thrive in a family setting or with a group of solid friends that feel like family. Once you have a secure home base, you can move out into the wider world with more confidence.

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